Citroen C3 Body kit paint and repair : By TS Motor Auto Painting Shop (Bangkok, Pathumwan)

Project: Citroen C3 Body kit repair and paint + Auto body paint repair


So many of our customers usually say that black color is difficult for maintenance. Scratches come out very easy even you are so be careful when you drive. It’s definitely true and we totally agree. Black color trades with the wet look that can give shine more than any other color. If you look of this C3, you may change your mind to love black color.

When the customer brought in this C3 to us, we, at first sight, felt that the paint of all body kits look like pieces of shit. Quality of body kit paint is totally low solid quick dry paint. We restored them and make them shine like never before.


งานซ่อมสี Citroen C5 ชุดแต่ง แก้ไขปัญหาสีไม่เงา สีไม่แข็ง สร้าง Primer ใหม่ ให้ชิ้นงานกลับมาคืนสภาพอีกครั้ง

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