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2010 TS MOTOR Top Model

Top TS Motor Customers 2010 §ӴѺ͹ö稵鹻 ֧»դѺ ѧöաҹҡͺ 1000 ѹöҧѹ ͧ Ѻ
1. Kami Gang Carbon Kevlar Maniacs
2. Subaru Imprezza GC8 + Turbo <CG alignment and body repairs>
3. Toyota Altis + Turbo <zero black shade>
4. Mercedes W210 <Whole car refinished, original Mercedes Color>
5. Mercedes W210 <Whole car refinished, Super High Glaze, Original Mercedes Color>
6. BMW E90 <K. Pond, Original BMW Paint>
7. VW Beetle <Strip all fender repairs, Original VW Color>
8. K. Por Kami Gang Carbon Kevlar Maniac, Civic FD2R Ing+1 <Front and Rear Fender Modification, Subaru WRX Sti Color>
9. Jeep Willy, the long memorail of thefamily <Rust Removal, Old Paint Stripping, Interior and Exteriorrestoration,Military Grey + Matt Clear Coat>
10. Honda Accord G7 <Zero Black Color, Super high glaze>
11. Accord G8 Type R+Mugen Style<Original White Pearl, Front- Rear Fender Modification>
12. Civic FD1 JS Racing + Feel's Fender - Carbon Kevlar <Pink Pearl Color + Rear Fender Styling Modified>
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