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About TS Motor

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Established in 1973, TS Motor began the business by importing and selling used car engines. We distributed the car spare parts to several distributors around Bangkok and every major provinces in Thailand.

Since 1990, we've transformed our business model to the auto painting business and had become one of the major Yontrakit’s auto painting garages and many insurance companies.

Today, TS Motor LP is an automotive collision repair shop that provides a full range of auto body and collision repair services for all automobile makes and models.
We specialize in all auto body repair work, including collision related mechanical and suspension damages.

TS Motor building is a seven storey concrete building serviced by one automotive elevator.

Our 6000 square meter property is one of the largest auto painting garages in the area. Our facility include 4000 square meter of production space and 2000 spare meter of office space, given our repair capacity for 100 cars a month.

The building contains a reception area/ waiting room+WIFI, high quality painting room, two service bays, plenty of safe indoor overnight parking and extensive storage.

TS Motor has four specific areas of responsibility that include corrosion repairing, garage service, auto body refinishing and painting, and auto disassembling/

Each section is located on different floor in order to avoid dust and particles which generated from the painting section. Also, our facility features the best equipment in the market to provide you with the highest quality repair.

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